When Counseling isn't Enough: 5 Signs Hypnotherapy is Recommended

large_Green-Number-5.jpgCounseling and psychotherapy can help a person improve their life. Being able to say things out loud in a safe environment as well as learn different ways of thinking, can really put things into perspective. 

I regularly work in conjunction with counselors, psychologists, psychiatrists, to help their patients get through tough blocks in their life. If you seeing a counselor right now you may benefit from a few sessions of hypnotherapy. Likewise, if you are a counselor, you might see some signs in patients you see that would help them overcome some of the obstacles they are facing. Below are 5 signs to look for that indicate you would gain a lot of benefit from hypnosis in Boise. 

Here are 5 signs that a hypnotherapy referral is recommended: 


1.    A person is suffering from PHYSICAL SYMPTOMS and can’t/won’t find relief from drugs. Things that impact their daily quality of life like chronic pain, insomnia, or teeth grinding. Hypnosis is highly effective at being able to utilize the body’s natural mechanisms to create more comfort in a person’s life. 


2.    A person has trouble controlling an AUTOMATIC BEHAVIOR. This can be controlling a negative behavior (like plucking hair or smoking), or adding a new beneficial automatic behavior. Hypnosis jump starts the habit building process, and can help a person effectively cut the ties on a negative habit.


3.    A person is always at HIGH LEVELS OF STRESS, and needs to learn how to relax so they can employ some of the tools you are teaching them.


4.    The person has a LIMITING BELIEF that they just can’t get over, no matter how much they know something logically.


5.    The person is STUCK, and is in need of an emotional RELEASE in order to move forward.