What is Group Hypnosis and Does it Work?

group-hypnosis-asleep.jpgI was in the middle of a big presentation in a room full of professionals and everyone was asleep. Their heads were slumped down, their eyes were closed, some were even starting to slip from their chairs.

Was my talk incredibly boring that put everyone into a state of unconsciousness?


In fact no one was actually asleep, but everyone was in a state of hypnosis. This was during my talk at the Idaho Counselor’s Association's annual conference. I had given a talk on the brain, hypnosis, and how to help people create change in their lives.

I ended the talk with a group hypnosis session that everyone loved. I even got feedback later on of a few people who changed behaviors they had been struggling with for years from just that one group hypnosis session. 

What is group hypnosis

Hypnosis can be performed one on one in a clinical office setting, or it can be done in a group setting with dozens or even hundreds of people. 

This is because the hypnotist isn’t magic. He doesn’t have to use ‘extra powers’ to hypnotize 100 people rather than just 1 person. Hypnosis takes places in the brains of each individual, so as long as they can hear and be guided by the hypnotist, they can experience hypnosis.

Advantages of Group Hypnosis

Because the hypnotherapist can see more than one person at a time, group hypnosis can actually be inexpensive compared to individual hypnosis.

This is the case for me. I typically charge $100 per session, but I’m in the middle of doing a three session group hypnosis class for $120 for all three sessions. That breaks down to about $40 per hypnosis session.

Much cheaper!

When a person comes out of hypnosis in a group they also have the ability to talk with other people who experienced something similar. This is what I love about group hypnosis. 

It helps the learning process and it can make you realize the things you experienced were ‘normal’, because lots of people had similar experiences as you.

Disadvantages of Group Hypnosis

The biggest disadvantage of being hypnotized in a group is I am not able to tailor suggestions to each individual. By the very nature of the process I have to use more general suggestions and topics that will appeal to a broader audience.

For example, instead of working on a specific addiction to diet coke, in a group hypnosis session I would have to talk more about healthy foods in general. That’s because not everyone has a diet coke addiction.

However, the brain is great at taking pieces of information and making them fit for you. That’s why even if I speak in general terms, people get massive positive change when experiencing group hypnosis. 

Advantages of One on One Medical Hypnosis

I love working with groups, but the main bulk of my practice is one on one in a clinical setting. This lets me dive deeper into your personal strengths and weaknesses, and help determine a path that will work precisely for you.

Over the course of multiple sessions we are able to shift and adjust based on your progress. 

I also use only the suggestions and hypnotic inductions that I know are the most effective for you. Everything is customized to help you get the most permanent change in the least amount of time.

This is the best way to get the most results in the shortest amount of time. 

Disadvantage of One on One Medical Hypnosis

Some people might be a bit nervous to be in an office alone with a hypnotist, especially if they have never experienced hypnosis before. Group hypnosis is a good way to experience hypnosis in a relaxing way with lots of other people around. 

I find that once people realize what hypnosis is (it’s not mind control!), they often times want to experience it one on one.

The largest factor holding people back from one on one hypnosis is cost. To be blunt, it is more expensive to have individual hypnosis sessions, but they are more effective.

How effective are the two types of hypnosis?

Based on my own experience both group and individual hypnosis sessions produce amazing results. If I had to give you some estimations, here is what I have experienced with the two types of hypnosis:

85-90% of the clients that see me one on one reach their goals by the end of a few sessions.

60-70% of the people who go to a few group hypnosis sessions reach their goals

How to Experience Group Hypnosis in Idaho

I try to hold one or two group hypnosis classes each year in Boise, ID. You can find those at my events page.

They usually sell out pretty quickly.

I also do speaking engagements at various conferences, and also at individual companies. Feel free to contact me if you are interested in booking me for a group hypnosis for your company.