Is Hypnotherapy Worth the Investment?

medium_goldscales.jpgIf you have a problem in your life, one of the bravest things you can do is to seek help. No one is an island, we all need help from time to time and it is courageous to ask for it. Depending on what your,you may be considering hypnotherapy or counseling in Boise, ID, in order to help you conquer it. Both those things have a cost though, so is it worth the investment?

Teaching new skills

In my private practice, I almost always help a client by teaching them new skills and coping strategies. They may be based on the latest Neuro-Linguistic Programming techniques, or they may have a foundation in meditation. Either way, you will be given new tools and learn new skills that will be beneficial in helping you to overcome your problems. 

Whether it be hypnotherapy for overcoming food cravings, addictions, compulsions, getting to sleep, or improving your bodies natural ability to control pain, you will learn valuable techniques that you can use time and again throughout the rest of your life. Oftentimes, these skills have additional benefits such as increased relaxation and improved immune function.

Working with subconscious

You’ve probably heard that you only use 10% of your brain, right? Well, that’s not exactly true, but based on the latest research and estimations, 88-90% of your brain is largely the domain of the subconscious. You utilize this part but you don’t have conscious control over it. Hypnosis is a tool that actively affects this part of your brain.

The subconscious controls things such as your belief systems, your breath rate, heart rate, digestion, as well as the chemical and hormonal systems of the body. Hypnosis can help you change bad habits as well as create new beneficial ones, all while utilization the power of the subconscious 90% of your brain. It is a great ally to have on your side!

A Potential Lifetime of Change

Typically, the cost of hypnosis sessions can be daunting. Most hypnotists in the Boise Idaho area charge between $80 and $250 per hour (for my rate, see my FAQ) and often times a treatment of hypnotherapy requires multiple sessions. This can seem like a large sum when you aren’t getting anything tangible in return for it. Mental gains can be harder to measure but are often more valuable since they affect many different parts of your life.

Think back to those times in your life when a mental epiphany or “eureka” moment has caused a cascade of positive change in your life. Hypnosis may help you reach a similar eureka moment, and help unblock you from all of the self sabotage and challenges you have faced in the past that have kept you stuck in place. 

Those changes can last a LIFETIME. Do you really want to be struggling with the same problem 20 years down the road? 

Saves Money

One of the positive side effects of hypnosis is that it often reduces stress. Having less stress automatically boosts your immune system, which improves your health and saves you money on doctors visits. It also helps with emotional control which improves the relationships with your loved ones and coworkers. The end result is more contentment and happiness in your life, something that is absolutely priceless.

Then there are the obvious things that save you money, such as quitting an addictive habit like smoking. If you smoke a pack a day at (in Idaho that is about $5), you will spend $1,825 per year! A couple of hypnosis sessions is a drop in the bucket compared to that, especially when you consider a LIFETIME of smoking.

What it all means?

Only you can decide if hypnosis is worth it to you. In the end, it is about investing in yourself, investing in your future, and taking a stand against the problems that are creating chaos in your life.