Hypnosis for Chronic Pain

Discover Hypnotic Pain Relief

Hypnosis for painUse medical hypnosis to...

  • Utilize the body's natural pain relieving abilities
  • Create more comfort in your life
  • Put the body in the "rest and digest" phase of healing
  • Reduce the suffering that pain can cause

  • Patients have comfortably undergone major surgeries without any anesthesia, using only the power of hypnosis to control their bodies pain response. Hypnosis cannot only be used for the acute pain of a surgeons blade, but also for chronic and intractable pain that a person experiences in daily life. Whether that be because of a back injury, joint pain, fibromyalgia, or even pain associated with cancer. During a session with me you will learn techniques that allow you to consciously take control of the suffering pain brings, and to actively reduce it. You will also be hypnotized to have your body find more comfort automatically, helping you to further reduce pain subconsciously. 

    You may already be on a pain management regime, and that's a good thing. Please consider medical hypnosis as a complimentary therapy to what you are already doing. Allowing you to take less pain control medication, and to suffer less side effects. Call or e-mail me to see how I can help you today. 

    American Psychological Association hypnosis

    ""Hypnosis is likely to be effective for most people suffering from diverse forms of pain..." - APA